DAU Acquisition Training Symposium Survey

You are invited to provide insight and feedback to The Defense Acquisition University Alumni Association regarding our current operations for use in continually improving our products and services. This survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

We appreciate your responses and will ensure their anonymity.

Items marked in RED  are required

  1. Learning things useful in your job
  1. Obtaining insight into policy
  1. Top down communication
  1. Bottom up communication
  1. Peer communication
  1. Providing information that is relevant
  1. Keynote Session
  1. Services' Military Deputy Panel Discussion
  1. Volume 1 Report of Section 809 Advisory Panel
  1. Software Sustainment
  1. Defense Acquisition Workforce Update
  1. Defense Business Systems
  1. DoD Source Selection: Evaluating Proposals with Value Adjusted Method
  1. Supply Chain Risk Management
  1. Bending the IT Cost Curve
  1. Financial Improvement & Audit Readiness
  1. Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing)
  1. Cyber Software Assurance
  1. Streamlining DoD Sole-Source Acquisition CANCELED
  1. Using Other Transactions
  1. U.S, Digital Services/Defense Digital Services
  1. Operating & Support Cost Management
  1. Stakeholder Relationships
  1. Contract Technical Language
  1. Agile Acquisition